🔎 Open Positions

<aside> 📌 We have the following open positions at our studio. Click the relevant JDs for details. 📌


<aside> 💳 Industrial Design


Industrial Designer

<aside> 💳 Communication Design


Graphic Designer

Motion Designer

<aside> 💳 UI / UX Design


UI Designer

UX Designer

Webflow developer

<aside> 💳 Spatial Design


Spatial & Exhibition Designer

<aside> 💳 Operations


Design Administrator

Business Developer

☀️ About Us

Hi! We are Studio Carbon. An award winning design studio based out of India and The Netherlands. Emerging from the ethos of the National Institute of Design, Studio carbon is the vision of passionate designers, who started on a journey to create a design driven creative organization back in 2018. The studio works at an intersection of technology, systems thinking and storytelling to build solutions for a better future.

<aside> 🎐 Philosophy


We believe in the ubiquitous nature of design. Just as carbon is a fundamental element of the world we experience, design is fundamental to how people think and create. Every small action, every decision we make, sculpts our version of reality, and how others perceive it. We want to create the best version out there. We aim to tell captivating stories through our work, and in doing so, leave a mark, on the story of humanity.